10 Breathtaking Destinations In Russia

Russia is a fascinating country with lots of amazing natural beauty. Beautiful landscapes, incredible architecture and rich culture make for the ideal travel destination. In this blog post we present 10 breathtaking destinations in Russia that will have you wanting to book your next trip!

St. Petersburg is Russia’s second largest city and a great destination for history buffs who are looking to explore the country’s rich past. Beautiful architecture, museums, and art galleries make this one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe! A quick day trip from Helsinki takes you north to see some of Scandinavia’s best attractions too.

The Golden Ring also offers its own scenic beauty with towns that date back centuries like Uglich (which has an infamous church on its outskirts) or Rostov Veliky which holds one of Russia’s oldest churches. These small villages offer small glimpses into Russian life before modernization took over through traditions such as handicraft making workshops or traditional folk evenings where locals come together to play music and dance.

No visit to Russia would be complete without a stop in Moscow, the country’s capital city that is home to some of its most famous museums like the State Tretyakov Gallery or Kremlin Armoury Museum as well as many other historical sites such as Red Square where President Putin inaugurated his fourth term last year with an impressive speech before 150,000 attendees. Beautiful parks line Moscow’s streets too so get out into nature while you can!

The Crimean Peninsula is another Russian destination not to miss out on as it offers up some of the most breathtaking views in all of Europe with its famous red soil that lines mountainsides while also offering an abundance of natural beauty like Mount Caucasus or Ai-Petri Mountain. Don’t forget about exploring Ukraine’s Sevastopol either since this city has been under occupation by Russians since 2014 making many locals extremely welcoming towards tourists.

Novosibirsk is the third largest city in all of Russia and has a lot to offer visitors. This place boasts many lovely architectural designs, interesting museums like the Open Air Museum that chronicles Siberian life during Soviet times and also impressive monuments such as an enormous bust of Vladimir Lenin or a statue celebrating Russian victories over Napoleon’s army at Borodino Field.

Yaroslavl is a city and the administrative center of Yaroslavl Oblast, Russia, located on the Volga River northeast of Moscow. The city lies in two geographic zones – to the north from Moscow near Chernobyl and Tula, south-east of Ivanovo, west from Kazan, east from Ryazan and Uglich

The Yaroslavl Oblast Administrative building was completed in 1934 but lost its dome in the 1960s.

The dome of the building was restored by Yuri Larin, a Moscow architect and sculptor – this work took three years to complete (1979-1982).

Kostroma is an old city with one thousand year history situated along the Volga River about 250 km northeast from Moscow . It used to be one of the most important Russian cities of the medieval era.

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